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The Future of Black Tourism is in Expansion

Black travelers seek destinations and activities that align with their
cultural and personal interests. This is precisely why Afroiberica Tours was established: to immerse you in the lesser-known narratives of the Black presence in Madrid and, by extension, the entire Iberian Peninsula. We welcome you to a unique and transformative experience, unlike any other.

Join us on a profound journey through time as we delve into the rich
tapestry of Black history in Madrid, celebrating resilience, triumph,
and cultural heritage. Afroiberica Tours, a Madrid-based company, dreams big. Our mission is to become the benchmark for Black tourism in Spain and Portugal.

Embark with us on a captivating journey through the fascinating Black history of Spain, starting from its capital city, Madrid. We design group and private tours, as well as fun, unique, and engaging experiences

Hello fellow travelers!

I welcome you to Madrid. My name is Kwame, your guide in Madrid. I consider myself friendly and professional, and I love interacting, meeting and talking with people from all over the world. I have always believed that knowing different cultures unites us and makes us grow. I have lived in the kingdom
United for 15 years, mainly in London and Bristol, and I have worked as a tour guide in Barcelona for 2 years, but currently I offer my tours in Madrid, where I have lived for the last 3 years.

  • Sofia from Kyiv

    Great experience! We visited wonderful bars and enjoyed delicious cocktails. The guide speaks clear English, knows the history of Madrid and Spain, and is very knowledgeable in other areas, which led to interesting conversations.

  • Angie from london

    My favorite walking tour in Spain: Kwame gave us an in-depth insight into Madrid's diverse cultural influences, including colonial history and slavery in Spain. I recommend this tour.

  • Odessa Carmen

    Kwame was amazing. I learned a lot and it was very informative. I had been to some of those places before, but I had no idea of ​​the history behind them. I highly recommend the tour with Kwame